Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Window Light Portrait

When shooting portraits my favorite light has always been window light. I have all kinds of high tech lighting equipment I use every day. But when I look at the portraits I like the best most of them were lit by window light. For window light portraits I position myself with the window to my back and the subject facing the window. This means I am between the subject and the light source, so be careful not to cast your own shadow into the composition. With this image I am at a low angle putting myself at the subject’s level. When photographing children, position yourself at their level. This may mean getting down on your knees or even sitting on the ground (undignified positions). My f-stop on this image was f-1.4 which gave me very little depth of field. I focused on the eyes which is the most important thing to be sharp in a portrait like this.

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Grandma said...

Another one of your BEST!!!


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