Thursday, July 7, 2016

Strom Over Orlando Florida

Light is photography and photography is light. Think about it without light there is no photography in the normal way we see with our own eyes.
The biggest storms come at night in the summer. It is so much easier to capture lightening at night that during the day.
I got this shot from the top floor of the Peabody Hotel. I placed my lens against a large window in the hallway so I would not take a picture of myself. The camera was placed on a tripod so I could take long exposures. The best way to take images of lightening is to let the lightening do all the hard work. The way I shot the photo was by setting the camera on Bulb for my shutter speed. I know you have always heard lightening does not strike in the same place. Not true. After a few strike you should point your camera in the  direction of the strikes.  Focus you camera for infinity then just hold your shutter open and wait for the lightening to do it's thing. Remember set your camera on M for mature or manual. Use you digital camera to determine the correct exposure. I shot this with a film camera so I had to shoot a roll to get the exposure right.

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