Saturday, January 26, 2013

More Ice in Maryville

With tripod umbrella I shot this image with the camera set on f-22 at 30 sec. at ISO 100. I used a flash light to paint light on the ice coated limbs closest to the camera.

Ice Rains Down on Maryville

I shot some ice covered trees tonight lit by the street lights of  Maryville College.I mounted my camera  to a tripod and used an umbrella to stay  dry. I set my white balance using a white sheet of paper.My camera was set on manual. Exposure information - f-9  shutter speed 10 sec. 100 ISO. The circle shaped lens flare in the upper right hand corner was caused by rain drops on the front of the lens (a happy accident).

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Ice Covered Street Blount County

Tonight as I walked my dog I saw the light on my road. I took the dog in and got my tripod, camera and flash light. The exposure was f-3.5 at 30 seconds at ISO 100 with an 18mm lens.I used the self timer so I could walk through the scene with my flash light.

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