Tuesday, November 3, 2009

More Cades Cove in the Rain

The only way to get this kind of image is to be in the pouring rain. I used a large lens opening f 2.8 to create shallow depth of field. I was using a tripod and an umbrella. The tripod was used to make it easier to hold the umbrella that kept the camera dry. I positioned my camera to get the most color in the background. Bad weather can mean great photography. Get out there!!

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Anonymous said...

I think this and your Rain in Cades Cove are exciting because the natural forms are presented somewhat out of context (compare Rain in Cades Cove to Ducks in Pond at Pellissippi State). This makes them just enough non-representational to allow the viewer to see the underlying design of nature without the distraction of a narrative meaning. You can marvel at the pattern of concentric circles and the battle for dominance between reflection vs. refraction because you are not saying “Ah, cute duckies!”. (Not that I have anything against ducks; They’re delicious.)

Sometimes we marvel at a photo that makes us feel like we are there. But I think it’s just as exciting to see photographs that isolate reality, as these do, in a way human eyes can’t and therefor show us something that we would probably be unaware of if we were there (i.e. in a rainy forest). These are the kinds of photos where non-photographers shake their heads at the insane person taking the picture but then are overwhelmed when they see the end result. It takes a kind of super awareness of your surroundings to see what others walk past.

I hope you take many more photos like these.



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