Thursday, June 5, 2008

Man Reading Newspaper

This spring I took my photography class to Market Square in Knoxville Tennessee. I found this scene in the sculpture garden. By using a telephoto lens with a large lens opening I was able to frame this man enjoying his newspaper. By using a shallow depth of field I was able to isolate the man with his news paper and cigar.

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Janni said...

Oh, my gosh!! I'm reading Blue Ridge Country, and in itty bitty letters with a Knoxville photo is your name! He's still out there, and he's still taking photos! My first thought was to send my email addy to the magazine and let them give it to you. Then, I think, no, if he's doing this, he's got a website somewhere, and here you are!

Remember the good ol' NAP days?? I see from all the links I've checked that you have two daughters and your wife teaches math.

Your work is beautiful, but that doesn't surprise me. We'll have to get caught up.


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