Monday, September 10, 2007

Horse and Owner

Animals are interesting to work with. Because they are not usually professional models or actors, just like people, you shoot lots of frames to get those images that capture the true beauty of the subject.
This image was not planned. I just happened to see it while the owner was talking to her beloved horse. By using a large lens opening, f-2.8 with a 200mm lens, I was able to visually cut my subject out of the background. This photograph shows the closeness of the owner to her animal, very much like a mother to her child. If I had told the owner to pose for the picture it would have been less natural looking. In the frame you can feel how important this animal is to her owner.


Most HIgh Grand Czarina said...

Love the picture and your comments! You make The Cow Diva (not her real name) look like the Princess she is! :)

Please allow me to add that you were an awesome photographer for this animal - she's a relatively high-spirited American Indian Horse (Arab/mustang cross), so NOT a patient plowhorse! :)

This photo shoot was a walk in the park (okay, *almost* a walk in the park - we won't discuss the 'airs above the ground' moment . . . :)) thanks in large part to your ability to get so many great shots with minimal distress to my beloved dressage partner. Your patience, humor and creative spirit all combine to make one outstanding photographer!

Thanks for sharing your artistic gifts with the world!

MHGCz (not my real name, either - ha!)

Heather D. said...

Hey Lynn, I'm glad I got to see this shot. We have a couple of horses ourselves and I love the opportunity to shoot them (oh, if a PETA person read this at the wrong time, I'd be in trouble). Anyway, did I tell you I have a couple of TN Walking Horses? I'll have to send you the pictures of my girls in Medeival garb atop their magnificent steeds. Love your work, Heather

Daddys' little girl said...

i love horses a whole bunch. i even go horseback riding every other week. Esther looks very pretty in the picture!


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