Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sun Surrounded by Thunderheads

On our way back today from playing in the river in The Great Smoky Mountains National Park the sky suddenly caught my eye. It was so interesting everybody in the car was saying "Hurry hurry you are going to miss it" as I pulled over to a safe place. Using a 300 mm lens I took a few shots then the sun disappeared behind the huge thunderheads never to be seen again this evening. What really helps in high pressure times like this is a total familiarity with your equipment so you can react more intuitively and not get slowed down by the technical end.


Randy said...

hey - I wondered what happened to you! you were right behind us til we got into Townsend, and then you disappeared. What a great shot. Did you see the BIG red sunset too?

Mandy said...

Hey Lynn! Grandma just sent me the link to your blog. I love all the photography, you are so talented!!!


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