Thursday, August 16, 2007

New River Gorge Bridge in Infrared

I wanted to post this infrared image so I can explain a little more about this strange and different way of capturing our world. When shooting film or digital the results are close to the same. The biggest difference is the process is much simpler when using a digital camera.
This image was shot with an Olympus C-2000 Z with a IR filter in front of the lens. The amazing thing about this camera is the fact that you can see the infrared image on the screen before you have even released the shutter. I like to preview before I decide to shoot the exposure. You must use a tripod and a very large f-stop because there is not much light going into the camera. When you look through the IR filter with your eye it looks black.
Be careful because when I first started shooting this way I thought everything looked cool and forgot to be an artist and did not think through what I was capturing. Happy shooting!

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