Friday, August 31, 2007

Butterfly at Sunset

The close-up world of the insect along with a setting sun is a winning combination in light and beauty. Usually I get this question when someone looks at this image, "How did you get the sun so big? Did you use Photoshop?" Not Photoshop , no special filter, it was possible because of the laws of optics. When you focus on a very small object (the butterfly) with the sun directly in the background, the actual point of focus will distort the size of the sun. In other words the sun is way out of focus so it balloons out to a much bigger size. Keep in mind any light source that is out of focus range will be larger than life. Those that have to wear corrective lenses for their eyes to see at long distances understand this phenomenon. My daughter likes to take off her glasses at Christmas time in order to see the lights at this exaggerated size.

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